Centro Naturista Daniel Arreola


In the Daniel Arreola Naturist Center DAR (GIVE, in English) is one of the words representing us. GIVE is part of our Phylosophy. DAR are our Founder’s initials.

We are committed to teach you how your health can be improved through food and life style changes.

This Naturist Center was founded by Mr. Daniel Arreola Pérez (1917- 1975). When he was 21, he was diagnosed as being in a hopeless stage, with a month of life as prognosis.

Despite the doctors’ gloomy prognosis, he was disciple of Manuel Lezaeta Acharrán and Rafael Lezaeta, Chileans, authors of “La Medicina Natural al Alcance de Todos” (Natural Medicine for Everybody) and “Manual de Alimentación Sana” (Health Food Manual), among others. In addition, he also was disciple of the well-know Spaniard iridologist, Dr. Juan Angel Bidaurrázaga author of “Diagnostico por el Iris” (Diagnosis through Iris) and “Dieta Natural” (Natural Diet). Mr. Arreola Perez got a wide acknowledge and great experience from them.

Since 1938 he was totally recovered after practicing the health regime for a year. He focused to practice acquired acknowledge from the Lezaetano System. He firstly began with his near friends and then with persons who are visiting us from the Mexican Republic and abroad.

The “Hogar de Vida Natural Manuel Lezaeta Acharán” was founded by him in June 14, 1962. It was located at its current address. Since 1975 former trade name was changed to “Centro Naturista Daniel Arreola” to honor the person who taught us.